TRISS - Triangular Robot Inspiring AwesomeneSS

I am a member of my school VEX robotics club. For this particular project, I wanted to use three fixed omni-directional wheels to drive in any direction. I finished TRISS in about six hours spread over three weeks.

I programmed TRISS with RobotC. The code I used while filming the video isn't pretty or commented enough IMO, so I made a new, cleaner version with support for a deadband. I didn't have a chance to test this code before dismantling TRISS, but it successfully compiles. You can download my original code here, but I suggest perusing my cleaned-up code instead.

As you can see from the video, it can drive quite effectively. It was fairly difficult to control, but I imagine with more time I could fix this with better motor-mixing algorithms. I do think it has pretty awesome turning abilities, as seen in the video below at 50 seconds.

Bottom of TRISS Back of TRISS Front of TRISS Left of TRISS Right of TRISS Cleaned RobotC Code Top of TRISS Omnidirection Wheel
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