I made a cutting board and paper holder when I was in 8th grade woodworking at school with which I am quite pleased. The cutting board is made of several types of wood, though I'm not sure what kinds. The design is a stylized Super Smash Bros logo. If you look closely, you'll notice that the horizontal strip of whitish wood is actually two strips. When I was carrying my cutting board home just after finishing it, I accidentally dropped it. It broke. So I had to bring it back to school, sand the broken faces about 0.5cm, and then glue in a new strip of wood to return the board to a square shape. I couldn't find a perfect match, so the extra strip is a slightly different color.

Cutting board, Top Cutting board, Isometric

I will post a picture of my paper holder when I see it again, but I left it in the US and forgot to take pictures of it. It has this Zelda logo wood-burned onto the front.

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