I have been making chainmail since 8th grade and have finally finished my shirt as of April 25, 2013, my senior year of high school. Containing (as long as I didn't miscount or miscalculate) 27,305 rings and 653 meters (715 yards) of galvanized steel and brass wire, it took me over 150 hours from forming each ring to checking for perfect symmetry and fixing imperfections in the final weave.

I timed my rate of chainmail-creation, from wrapping the wire into a coil to weaving the rings together, on two separate occasions. In the first trial, I made each ring in an average of 34 seconds (over about 100 rings). For the second trial, I made 117 rings in 32.5 minutes, which yields an average rate of 16.7 seconds/ring. I think the difference is because I ran the first trial while at a friend's house, watching a video, and in general delegating chainmail to a second priority, while during the second trial, I sat in my room and focused on working as fast as possible.

I also measured how many rings I could get per length of wire, and I calculated 0.94"/ring (112.5 rings from 106" of wire).

I mostly make the European 4-in-1 weave (that's what my shirt uses), but I have made small sections woven with Japanese 4-in-1, Japanese 6-in-1 and 3D Japanese 8-in-2. Below are some pictures of these, along with another European 4-in-1 shirt on a cute baby named Will. I made Will's shirt with my friend John.

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